Pre Arrange Funerals

We are very blessed to live in Florida and have the opportunity to retire here.  If you have children that live out of state or want to make sure that your last wishes are carried out.  Please take the time to make prearrangements.  I can not tell you how helpful it is when I sit down with families to make funeral arrangements and the relief that I observe when the family relies that everything is already taken care of.

Making pre arrangements is the simplest thing one can do for your family.  Just by talking about the subject matter to one another can take away the stress in the event a death should occur.  Prearrangements can be as simple as writing down your thoughts and wishes or can be as formal as paying for them ahead of time.  By paying for them ahead of time it locks in the price and there are no further expenses at the time of death, even if it happens twenty years from now.  When pre arrangements are paid in advance all funds are placed into a trust.  It is against the law to pay for funerals to the funeral home prior to a death, unless it is paid for through this trust or an insurance policy.  Prearrangements do not have to be paid for all at once.  They could be paid for over a one year, two year, or a three year period.  There is no interest that is paid or penalty for choosing these options.  If you ever move or decide you want your money back, all prearrangements are 100% refundable.

There are other examples how pre arrangements can be useful for families.  If someone happens to have the need to be in a nursing home or in a long term health facility. Prearrangements can be made and be a protected asset if someone is applying for Medicaid. The State of Florida encourages families to do this so you are using their funds before the family would have to pay privately.  This is a simple process but can be complicated to explain.  Please contact me and I can explain how this example can help your specific needs. 

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