On Site Crematory

Having a crematory on site is the most single valuable asset of a funeral home.  It is very important to know who and where your cremations are taking place.  Many families assume and take for granted that their loved ones are always in one place.  That is not true today.  With big corporations and multiple funeral homes with several locations does not guarantee that your loved one is always there.  Here at Morgan Funeral Home your loved ones are always at our facility and are always served by our staff.  We do not contract out any of our services to third parties which is very important.  The people you see at your home or at the place of death is always the first person you see when you enter our funeral home.  It’s very comforting to know and see who your funeral director is and know exactly who is taking care of you.  It’s the small things that count in today’s society and we try very hard to live up to your expectations.