Funerals have evolved from generation to generation.  Today we have more choices to celebrate ones life than ever before.  Our job as funeral directors is to inform and educate families to those choices they have and to listen to families so we can personalize each service to fit their needs.  Funerals should not all be the same.  We take the time and make sure your service is one of a kind. Here are a few options that might help in choosing which services is the right one for you.

●  Burial

Burial is the longest lasting tradition in funeral service.  Families are very familiar with what is associated with burial and are afraid of the number one thing….cost.  Burial does not have to be expensive.  What makes burials expensive is usually associated with cemeteries.  If your family tradition is burial, let us help you make those choices and help you make those decisions on selecting a cemetery.  You can save thousands just in that one decision alone.  If you have served in the military there are several benefits and free burial spaces that you and your loved one are entitled to.  If you have cemetery property up north, let us inform you on how that process works.  Depending on the state you lived in, the cost associated with getting you back home is less than you think.  Please contact Chris Kaduk Funeral Director/Owner 727-847-3999

●  Cremation

Cremation is the number one choice when it comes to funeral service. Most of the time it is chosen because of cost, but did you know that cremation can cost as much as a burial?  Depending on if you are wanting Direct Cremation, Cremation with a Celebration of Life Service, or a viewing and visitation with the cremation to follow (Traditional Cremation).  There are several ways we can help with the cost associated with these choices.  Please contact Chris Kaduk Funeral Director/Owner 727-847-3999

 The cremation rate in Florida is 75%.  The reason why it is so high is very simple.  Most families have moved to this area from somewhere else.  Generational traditions have also changed. It is very rare to find a family in the Tampa Bay Area that have three or four generations of family that have lived here or has been buried here unlike families from the north.  Therefore cremation is a more viable option because one can take there loved ones remains to different alternative locations which fits their own personal needs and wishes.  The good thing about cremation as opposed to burial is you do have time on your side to determine where their final resting place should be.