Rossi, Lewis P.

Lewis P. Rossi, 92, passed away on June 20, 2014.  He is survived by his wife, Patricia, sons, Mark, Guy and Paul, daughters, Mary Lou Balcer, Lynn Reid and Anne Schutzenhofer, brother, Joseph, 13 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St. Vincent de Paul Society or HPH Hospice.  Visitation will be Thursday at Morgan Funeral Home from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m., Funeral Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church on Friday, June 27, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. and Burial at Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell at 12:30 p.m.


  1. Natalie Reid says

    The world lost a good man today. Hunter, fisherman, and amazing with all animals; WWII vet and devoted husband, father, and grandfather. As soon as I was old enough to understand, you began to teach me life lessons that I will carry with me forever. You showed me that little acts of kindness every day are the best way to show love. You taught me that a firm handshake, a steady gaze, and a good dose of hard work and determination will often get a person further in life than smarts alone. And you always pressed on me that I’m an intelligent, beautiful person with a great ancestry backing me. My favorite flowers are gardenias, because they remind me of the bush you kept on the side of your house just so you could pick one for Grandma, the love of your life, every now and then; blueberries (and especially blueberry pie) will always have a certain significance to me. Little things and big things alike, you made a big impact on who I am and I am grateful for it all. You will be missed, but I am proud to say I knew you and more proud to say that Lew Rossi was my grandfather. I love you.

  2. Patty & Phil Dybzinski says

    Uncle Lew, such a great, loving & kind man! My memories of him go back to my childhood on up to adulthood. He was always so supportive to Aunt Pat. They would travel endless miles to visit his kids & was there for all special occasions for his grandchildren (with a side trip to visit us in Cleveland). He is positively with God in heaven! May his soul test in peace! Love, Patty & Phil

  3. Kyle P. Rossi says

    My Grandpa Lew:

    The son of Italian immigrants, who remained forever proud and mindful of his heritage and roots.

    A man who worked his way out of a childhood of want to acheive the American Dream and provide his family with the opportunities that he never had.

    A veteran, who fought selflessly for our Country in World War II.

    An excellent husband, who always had a sweet song, memory or message for his sweetheart and my Grandmother, Patricia.

    A devout Catholic, who believed in God and the divine wonders of this world.

    A great father, who raised six children, including the best father in the world, my dad, Guy Rossi.

    A wonderful grandfather, who always had kind words, funny jokes and simple wisdom for his grandkids.

    A good man, who was smart and honest, faithful and loyal, compassionate yet strong, proud yet modest.

    You will be forever loved and missed. But most importantly, you will be remembered and celebrated for the man you were, the strong example you set and the life that you lived.

    I have never been more proud to be a Rossi.

    I love you always.

    Your Grandson,

    Kyle Rossi

  4. Cara Rossi says

    Grandpa Rossi was a great man, father, and grandfather amongst many other things. He will be greatly missed for the kindness of his heart and happiness of his soul. He always had a great rhyme or song that would brighten my day. I love you and will always miss you.


  5. Goergeann Rossi says

    Dad – When I think of you I think of a friendly man with a contagious smile and a warm heart. Your love of God and family has been inspirational to us in raising our family. When Guy and I adopted Cara you and mom welcomed her with open arms as your granddaughter. I never told you how this warmed my heart and that I will be forever grateful.
    Rest in peace DAD, we all know you are in heaven.
    Georgeann – your daughter in-law.

  6. Guy Rossi says

    Who was Dad?
    He was a devoted husband, a loving father, a WWII veteran, a carpenter, a painter, a gardener, a mechanic, an appliance repairman –
    I could go on and on.
    That is who Dad was to me. It is no wonder I am who I am!
    He set the bar high and I hope I matched it in raising my family with my wife Georgeann.
    The way he lived his life was inspirational. He guided us but let us become who we needed to be.
    Six children – six successes – that is a Dad- MyDad!
    Your son – Guy

  7. Lynn Reid says


    I cannot express my deep sorrow at your passing. You were a loving father who was always ready to teach us how to do things for ourselves. Whenever we needed help with something, be it homework, fixing a broken bicycle, or some electronic toy, or even our cars, you would get out the tools and not only fix it, but teach us how as well. You were strict, but fair in how you dealt with all six of us. You worked hard to support our large family. And you loved us. You set a perfect example of how to live in faith and love. I miss you Dad and hope I can follow your example in living out the rest of my life.

    Love, Lynn

  8. Ryan Rossi says

    Grandpa was a great man. His endless stories about hunting, fishing, WW II, family, making sausage, and how he met grandma will always live with me. He was a caring man with humor on his side. His songs and rhymes will be forever cherished.

    Love , Ryan

  9. Patrick Rossi says

    Grandpa Rossi,

    To one of my greatest role models, I have learned so many life lessons from you. From the simple things like learning to fish or how to make the perfect meatball, you have helped show me what hard work is and how to enjoy life. Even though you are not here physically I know your spirit will live on with all of us. Thank you for being an inspiration and may you rest in peace.


  10. Andrew Rossi says

    Grandpa Rossi:
    Grandpa was a man that could always brighten the mood, someone you could always count on to put a smile on your face. He always had a joke to tell or a story to share. My favorite story about Grandpa was about how reluctant he was to take his wedding ring off when his hand was swelling up and needed work on it. When he finally had to take it off after inching it up his finger until it was at the tip of his finger he exclaimed, “Free at last!” Everyone knew Grandpa was joking, he was absolutely crazy about his wife. Grandpa showed me how much you can truly love someone. He made sure on a daily basis to tell his wife, and my wonderful Grandmother, how much he loved her. Anytime I was around him you could see it in his eyes and face how much he loved her. This lesson about love that he taught by just being himself is something I will carry with me forever. Grandpa helped raise 6 children, and based on how my father, Paul, has turned out, he did a pretty amazing job. Love and happiness, those are the things I will remember most about Grandpa. Oh, and all the card games too.
    Love you Grandpa,

  11. Mary Lou Balcer says

    A good man who lived a good life.
    Raised during the Depression, WWII Veteran, Loving Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather.
    A quiet, unpretentious man who led by example and therefore commanded the respect of his family.
    God gifted Dad a long retirement with the love of his life, Mom.
    I will always remember Dad’s support of me when I was going through the worst time in my life. He held me up when I wanted to fall.
    He is in a better place now. I can see Dad walking with a spring in his step. Maybe he is hunting with Pepper, fishing in the great sea in the sky or may he just got another “hole in one”. Wonder if there is a casino for him? Ding, Ding Ding!!!
    I love you Dad and will miss you.
    Enjoy your rewards in heaven.
    Mary Lou

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